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Pallets! Pallets! Pallets! I make custom furniture from reclaimed wood.

After being unable to do any woodworking for several weeks due to lack of extra money for supplies (both of our dogs had vet bills one after the other), I decided to try my hand at repurposing some pallets. I had seen numerous crafts that came from pallet wood on various websites, but never sought out pallets to see what I could do with them. It was a perfect (and necessary) time to try. For years, I had been putting my nightly water bottle on a mesh plant stand next to my bed that was doing a poor job as an end table.

The many web properties of Inland Imaging

One of the greatest things about working as a web designer/developer is the fact that the technology is always in flux. Just when you've completed one project in the best and most effective way you know how, new technology emerges that requires new techniques. This is great for a guy like me who loves to learn new things.


Something from the archives.

In the Name of the King

Late in 2006, a co-worker mentioned that her husband was looking for someone to do some 3D work for a movie. Naturally, I was interested. After a meeting with the compositor, I was very excited to do some blood and armor debris effects for what was described to me as, "a really, horrible movie." It was a Uwe Boll picture based on a PC game called Dungeon Siege...but it wasn't going to be called Dungeon Seige. It was to have some other name, but no one had made a final decision, yet.



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Who the hell is doing this stuff?

My name is Adam and I like to make stuff.