The Vallorano harassment moves to Craigslist

I have spent the last 30 minutes talking to some of the nicest people. All of them, however, were universally annoyed that the Craigslist ad for "Free Tamarack Firewood" was not genuine and their time was wasted. That's right. It would appear my harassers have placed a phony ad on Craigslist with my information. The people responding to the ad have been very apologetic and sympathetic to my plight. Many callers, when hearing it's a phony ad, suggested retributions involving duct tape and/or broken kneecaps. Together we laugh, but I have no plans on revenge.


I'm getting harassed again regarding Joe Vallorano

Well, the harassment continues. I received a call today (January 20, 2014) and three voicemails from a man (who didn't identify himself) insisting I take down my Yelp Review regarding High Achiever's Network and Joe Vallorano, as well as my blog posts about my side of the story.


Joe Vallorano has been pretending to be Carol M. (and others).

It would appear my review of High Achiever's Network has been getting noticed. This month I've been contacted by two polite and helpful people. Not surprisingly, they have both confirmed my belief that Joe Vallorano is nothing but a con man.



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Who the hell is doing this stuff?

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